Thank You for Supporting Our HSWC Events!

What the Humane Society of Warren County can do with your support?

Our purpose is to raise funds and awareness for the Humane Society of Warren County.

The Humane Society of Warren County is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing compassionate care to abandoned, abused, homeless and neglected animals in Warren County, VA. We educate pet owners on the importance of vaccinations and population control and to place adoptable pets in loving homes.

It is our vision to be part of a community where every pet is a wanted pet.

With your participation and support, the Humane Society of Warren County can:

  • Provide emergency veterinary care to animals that have suffered neglect and abuse.
  • Purchase necessary medications to help homeless animals in need of treatment for medical conditions such as; skin disorders, upper respiratory infections, and eye infections.
  • Provide homeless animals with the necessary food, bedding, and toys during their stay in our emergency shelter.
  • Make much-needed repairs to the animal shelter to ensure appropriate housing for homeless animals during their stay.
  • Ensure shelter dogs and cats enjoy playgroup sessions that allow them ample time outside of the kennel and to socialize with other animals.
  • Educate the community on the importance of spay/neuter procedures and ensure a reduction in the number of unwanted litters surrendered to the shelter.
  • Promote the spay/neuter assistance fund which provides assistance to those in the community that could not otherwise afford to have their pets altered.